Tapingo Hiring Application Redesign

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The problem

Tapingo is an iPhone and Android app with over 2 million users that lets college students order food for delivery on demand and skip lines at restaurants. We virtually hire delivery drivers across the country in the tens of thousands. Their onboarding experience caused frustration and they often quit halfway through or soon after being hired.



Design a less frustrating application process,  cut down on the length of time it takes new couriers to complete the application, train them fully remotely, and make sure they are 100% equipped to do the job efficiently.



  1. Hire new drivers more quickly

  2. Spend less money on hiring

  3. More time and resources available for the support team

  4. Faster and more efficient deliveries

  5. Happier customers




The original job application was just a Typeform survey. My role was to redesign the entire onboarding process and to create a new online application using Fountain, which is a web app used to recruit contract workers. This was a two person team. My manager's role was the business and finance side, and to work with our partners to make sure their products integrated into the website.


Competitive Analysis

Like the RX App Redesign project, I researched all of our competition. This meant signing up to be a driver at each company, take screenshots of each step, document findings, and analyze patterns.

Competetive Analysis.png


User Survey

I sent out hundreds of surveys using Typeform to current couriers that had completed the application to investigate their pain points. I also sent out surveys to couriers that did not complete the application to find out why.


User Interviews

User interviews were conducted over Zoom (similar to Skype) to gain valuable insight into our user's goals, motivations, and frustrations. Evidence from interviews further confirmed their motivations for money, their confusion over the flow of the application, and their slight distrust for the company. 


Internal Research

I went through our support logs to find the top recurring questions and issues new applicants were having during their onboarding process.


User Flow

Research showed that aside from the long waiting periods, the biggest issue with the original user flow was that the onboarding process required applicants to respond to a series of e-mails instead of incremental steps on one webpage. This annoyed applicants with spam and caused confusion and more delays. The research also revealed that this made our company seem untrustworthy.

Original user flow

Original user flow

The new user flow is all in one webpage and doesn't require opening different e-mails and forms. The onboarding process also got cut down from 3 weeks to about 3 days.

New user flow

New user flow


I redesigned our company hiring landing page to look more trustworthy and link directly to the all-in-one application. For the new application, I wrote the copy, recorded the training video, implemented the quiz, and set the back end rules. The application had to be built with Fountain which has very limited UI options, so I had to really focus on experience. You can view the application here.

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I Slacked the new application website to coworkers to test out and report any problems they encountered.



After a couple minor tweaks on the recommendations from the testers, I launched the new application. The first applicants started coming in on July 27, 2017!


Problems Solved

The new design solves the following problems revealed during my research:


User Flow

Users no longer need to exit the application to open e-mails and texts  in order to complete their application. The new website is a step-by-step flow which guides them along to each next step in the process.



The old application required couriers to book a virtual onboarding session which was sometimes a week or more out. To consistently and quickly train them better, I wrote, voiced, and recorded an onboarding video as part of the application. The video also walks them through all of the steps of the hiring process.

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To make sure couriers were well prepared, the new application required them to pass a quiz after watching the onboarding video.

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User Inquiries

To answer all of their hiring related questions, I wrote an extensive hiring FAQ which they get access to early in the hiring process.


getting their swag on

Couriers are required to pick up and use a Tapingo t-shirt, delivery bag, and a credit card to pay for delivery meals. The old hiring process had them contact and meet up with a lead courier to get everything which could take up to two weeks. To fix this, I made deals with a local restaurant at each delivery market to hand out our items to new couriers. All the new applicants needed to do was show up and grab their swag which could be done the same day they applied.  


document signing

New applicants need to fill out a background check form and sign our company agreement. These were initially sent to them in separate e-mails and often went to spam or got ignored. The new website keeps these within the application as part of the user flow.

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pay transparency

The old application was not clear on how much money the applicants made at each delivery market. The updated website includes links to the exact about of minimum pay at every delivery market.


human interaction

Instead of blindly signing up to work for a company they’ve never heard of, I set up a process to make sure applicants meet a member of our staff to welcome them. I created a Google doc that provided names, phone numbers, etc. of all new couriers when they reached a certain stage in the hiring process. Campus Managers would call the new applicants on a daily basis. This increased trust in our company by showing our human side and got the new hires excited to work for us.



  • Increased conversion rate by 10%

  • Decreased average time applicant spends in funnel from 3 weeks to around 3 days.

  • 5 minute decrease in delivery time due to better prepared couriers

  • 5% increase in orders delivered also leading to higher courier pay

  • Tens of thousands of dollars saved in background check costs


With more time and some engineering power, I would like to take this application from a website to an onboarding process within the Tapingo app. New applicants will get a better sense of our company and product which will build more trust and create a seamlessly integrated hiring process.


This was my first large scale UX project and it was a success. If given more time, I could have gained more valuable insight by A/B testing two different applications. All in all it was fun to watch my research and ideas turn into reliable and happy delivery drivers!